Before you can think out of the box, you have to start with a box.

– Twyla Tharp

This book by Twyla Tharp is a magical kick in the butt any creative person needs. There, the first impression in the first sentence.

The book itself is written from a perspective of a choreographer, but anyone, literally anyone, will find it interesting and a pleasant read. In fact, today in the morning I was helping my husband brainstorm an idea for an app using some of the exercises from the book.

Three important things that pop out for me from this book:

  • routine is the key
  • talent is something you achieve with hard work
  • creativity is not a magical insiration kind of thing, yup, it happens, but mostly you have to push and shove that muse of yours until she actually throws a decent idea at you, and then rinse and repeat

Another great thing about this book is the author herself, I really liked her personality and the voice that the book is written in. She shares her own experience and her own struggles, as well as provides a real life example (unlike in those many ‘how-to-be-creative’ books you can often find in the Kindle store).

Why is it relevant to an illustrator? Well, illustration is one of those beautiful professions where your creativity and the way you think are the keys to moving ahead and staying afloat. Today, there are a zillion people out there who can draw and paint amazingly. If you want to stand out, think outside the box, make yourself seen, be creative.

But before you actually jump out of the so called box, you need to know the ropes, the most basic things. And you have to know them to a perfection. Only then you can truly break the rules and create something different, but different in a good way.

But here is me giving away some parts of the book. So I will stop here and just finish with the statement that this definitely is a wonderful book to spend your precious time on, whatever you do in life it will surely broaden your horizons.