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Sunset & Boat tutorial | Kate Amedeo Art

This is a time lapse of my latest drawing for the soft pastel marathon. In this one I wanted to draw water that is not blue. I really love purples and dusty pinks and this photo spoke to me 🙂

I start by layering and blending the sky, using colors from dusty orange-yellows, pinks and violets. It’s important to move from yellows to violets through pink or red as otherwise the color when mixed will create mud (it’s basically moving through colors according to Itten’s color wheel).

Then I add the dark rocks on the background and water. I left some texture on the water to give a feeling of that shimmering light.

For the boat I am using violets and pinks together with a very light grayed out yellow for the highlights.

I am using the pencils for those tiny details as the sketch itself is really small in size and pastels alone would not be able to give me the thin lines for the mast and the ropes. The pencils that I am using are Koh-i-noor charcoal pencil and white pastel pencil by Carbothello.