Black Sheep

From the sketchbook into color! At first I thought of doing a white sheep but then thinking it over I went black and used mostly Payne’s grey and blue mixes. And here is my Mr.Sheep in watercolor and colored pencils.


Working on some character studies for a sophisticated but adventurous Mr.Sheep. Here are some pages out of my sketchbook, as usual done in colored pencil without an eraser.


Another take on the red riding hood, this time in soft pastels on sandpaper (yup, the DIY store kind). I was playing with this idea of the wolf being huge and kind of wrapping around the little Red physically and metaphorically (when making her take the long way to grandma’s house). Hope I succeeded.

Surely girls can be vikings, too!

Today I finished working on this little piece. It is actually one of the illustrations that took me two whole days to complete. As usual, I am using watercolor and colored pencils. A useful tip for colored pencils that I have learned watching Iraville‚Äôs videos is to use a cotton swab to actually blend the colored pencils (it works with Faber Castell Polychromos but I will have to try with Prismacolors and Stabilos to see it they behave similarly). As for the idea behind this, it somehow simply dawned on me, the whole image. So I sketched it out directly on the watercolor sheet without doing any sketches beforehand as I usually do. And here it is, my viking girl!