Back to pastels…

Here is a step by step of a cat eye study in soft pastels. As usual, using a wide assortment of brands on Canson MiTeintes smooth side.

Some more textures

Some more digital texture studies. Trying out my hand at different materials, this time metal and bricks.

Perplexed Penguins

Here is a little penguin illustration. I did this one last month but remembered to upload it today as I was adding it to the Illustration Friday prompt (Black & White) and it seemed to fit the bill.

Digital texture studies

Spent today working on these four cubes. I know that it’s just cubes but it’s soooo exciting to actually be able to do something in Photoshop. These are my first decent art pieces in Photoshop 🙂 And, to be honest, I am really happy about how they turned out.

Also, speaking of digital art, I have an interview at Event Horizon. That’s a CG school here is Turin. Fingers crossed everything pans out and in November I will be starting an amazing new experience.

Concept Sketch | Lovecraft

Continuing with the Lovecraft vibe here is a concept sketch of a tentacly-thing. Not sure what it is and how does it move around, maybe slime like a snail would, but really enjoyed working on it. Once again, Photoshop and kraft paper background.


One of my favourite writers. One of the best stories I ever read – The Shadow over Innsmouth.

Sketching in Photoshop with an inky background.

Crocodile and her puppy

Trying out something completely different today – inking on kraft paper in Photoshop! To be honest, I wanted to buy a kraft paper sketchbook but the nearest art supply store did not have any so I decided that I do not want to let the idea of kraft paper go and went digital. And here is the result. To be honest, it somehow just appeared on the screen, didn’t even think about what I was sketching but I’m quite happy with the result.

Also, I finally set up the pressure and sensitivity of my drawing tablet which I am really proud of 😀 (technology does not like me, I would even say that it kind of hates me).

Sketching The Passage

Binge-watching The Passage while washing the walls inside the house (yes, those can get really dirty, too). Some quick sketches for today of the main characters with a brown Faber Castell pitt pen in my Moleskine sketchbook.