How it works

To order a custom painting all you need to do first is to contact me via the e-mail form below. 

I paint from photos so I will need you to send me high resolution photos, taken up close and without a flash. Unfortunately, I do not work from blurry photos or photos that have been taken from far away, where I cannot see the features clearly. This is due to the fact that the portrait is going to be as detailed as the reference photograph is and a bad photo will make a bad painting.

Before I start work on the piece I ask for a 25% up-front deposit. This deposit is not refundable and must be paid before I start any work on the painting.

The prices below are for the paintings of a head and shoulders portrait with a simple background (see Derek and Coconut in my gallery for examples). If you would like to add a more complicated background, like the one in the photo or adding another background altogether it will add an additional 35% to the base price of the painting. The same goes for the full body painting.

When the deposit is paid and I receive the photos I will send you the mock up versions of the painting crop. As soon as you approve this I will start work on the painting.

Depending on the size and details of the painting it can take me anywhere from 10 to 30 hours of work. 

I will send you work-in-progress photos of the painting to keep you up to date. You will be able to suggest up to 2 minor changes up until the work is complete (this does not include such major changes as the turn of the head or the position of the subject in the painting as well as the change of the background as soon as it is complete or near completion). 

When the painting is ready and you are happy with it the rest of the payment must be made before I can mail it to you. I use only tracked and signed post and package my paintings flat in a protective packaging (postage is an additional cost, the price depends on the size of the painting and the country, from £15).

When you receive the painting please do not touch the surface as it can smudge the colours due to the traits of pastel as a painting medium. The painting must be framed behind glass with a passpartout that will not allow the glass to touch the surface of the painting. Please, do not hang any art in direct sunlight as even the most lightfast pigments might fade.

About the materials I use: I use only lightfast artist grade materials and archival paper. This means that the colours of the painting will not lose their vibrancy for hundreds of years to come. I work with soft pastels (they look similar to chalks), hard pastels, and pastel pencils on two different surfaces – Clarifontaine Pastelmat and Hahnemühle Velour paper. 


18x24 cm
  • Ideal for single head studies
  • Add 35% for each additional subject / complicated background / full body
  • Price does not include P&P


24x30 cm
  • Ideal for single / double head studies or a full body study
  • Add 35% for each additional subject / complicated background / full body
  • Price does not include P&P


30x40 cm
  • Ideal for studies of up to four heads / double body studies
  • Add 35% for each additional subject / complicated background / full body
  • Price does not include P&P


50x70 cm
  • Ideal for single / multiple portraits, head / full body
  • Add 35% for each additional subject / complicated background / full body
  • Price does not include P&P


A painting of the family pet makes a wonderful gift but sometimes there is not enough time for the portrait to be done on time. So if it’s too late to order a portrait a gift voucher is a wonderful alternative. 

Please fill in the form below to order a gift voucher.

Frequently asked questions

I ship my paintings worldwide. All my portraits are securely packaged flat and shipped via Royal Mial (only tracked and signed for delivery).

Shipping costs depend on the country, from £15.

All portraits are shipped unframed.

There is an up-front deposit of 30% before I start work on the painting. The deposit is paid up front and is not refundable.

I accept PayPal and bank payments.

All my paintings are shipped unframed as that would add substantial cost to the shipping. 

You can buy a frame that best suits your interior and have the painting matted to fit the frame you have chosen.

All pastel paintings should be framed behind glass with a passepartout to prevent the pastel from touching the glass. 

Do not hang artwork in direct sunlight or near a heat source (such as a radiator).

You can order a gift voucher for any size painting with any amount of subjects (depending on the size). I will send the gift voucher by mail / email to you or to the person you would like to have it.

Every gift voucher is valid for the next six months after the date of purchase.

P&P for the gift voucher £2.95

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