This wonderful how-to book by Darrel Rees is a must read for any illustrator, be it a complete newbie or someone more experienced in the craft. I love reading on my Kindle (and, oh thank goodness, e-readers exist) but I got this book in paper and I am really happy to see it on my art bookshelf.

The first thing that you have to remember is that this is not a how to draw/illustrate/collage/or another creative process kind of book. This is a business book. (I can see people turning away from the screen seeing this scary ‘b’ word that terrorizes 99% of creative population.) This is a true how to book when it comes to actually selling yourself, what to know before you even jump out onto the stage of illustration world and what to know and things to watch out for business-wise. And being a freelance professional does involve one having to know the ropes when it comes to actually dealing with clients (although, you can go the agent way and have them deal with everything money and client-wise but even when dealing with an agent you should know if he/she is acting in your best interest and not in it’s client’s).

In this book you will find how to build your portfolio, how to actually get contacts in the illustration world, an advice about contracts and what to expect and to avoid, as well as a very handy chapter about agents and pros and cons of working with one.

It’s very interesting to read this book (full of examples from the writer’s personal experience) as Mr.Rees has not only dealt with the whole illustration world from the side of the illustrator but has also a huge amount of experience as an agent. Thus you get the perspective from both sides when it comes to this creative craft.

All in all, I really think that reading this book was a time well spent and that I will be going back to it more than once.