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General’s Pastel pencils review | Kate Amedeo Art

The pencils come in a thin cardboard box with the plastic inserts. What I found interesting is that each pencil has an eraser. I have never seen it on pastel pencils previously.

This is a 24 pencil set. In total there are 36 colors in this range. One thing I have to say here is that I did not find any information about the lightfastness of the pencils on the box nor on the website of the manufacturer.

Three of the pencils were broken upon arrival. But they do sharpen quite well with the mechanical sharpener. I use the swordfish one. The two sharpeners that came with the pencils broke the led so I am not going to be using them as I prefer my trusty mechanical sharpener.

About the pencils. The pencils blend nicely, especially the very rich black that is very opaque and layers well. There are, though, some colors that have these little bits of pigment in them that differ slightly in color or value. I found three such colors in the set. When applied to paper these particles do not blend out and it might ruin your work. So the three pencils that have these little particles in their leds I will definitely remove from my working set.

The pencils themselves are quite hard and hold the point well. But the colors are definitely not something you could use as a starter set. There are two grays which both are warm. And 5! yes, five oranges! That is quite a lot of orange. I am not sure where one would use all of them. The two darker greens are so similar in color and value that it is really quite difficult to tell them apart. The same goes for the reds, the two reds are also very similar. What is truly lacking in this set is the dark colors. I found that to get a somewhat acceptable value range you will have to add black to any given color to darken it up which will take away the saturation.

But this is my pastel background speaking as I am used to work in soft pastels and only use pencils for details during the finishing touches. Overall, I am very happy with the white and the black pencils, they are opaque and will definitely be used in my work. As for other colors, I will have to use them to see how they behave in combination with soft pastels. So i will try to do another review in a while.

I did get these as a black friday offer so I spent about 17 euros which is less than 2 euros per pencil.