This is the short version of the 2 house long tutorial. I have the full version, narrated and real time, on my Patreon, as usual.

For this work I used Canson MiTeintes flannel gray paper, A3, on the reverse side, as it’s a lot smoother than the right side of the paper.

I set the composition up in such a way that the objects in it overlap each other and create a ‘distorted chessboard’ as I call it. Which means that light places are contrasted with dark ones throughout all of the image. For example, the bright highlight on the onion is the lightest place in the whole painting and behind it I put the darkest object, the basket, and what is more important, that the space behind the onion is the darkest place in the basket as it’s where the side of the basket casts its shadow.

To make my theory of the ‘distorted chessboard’ more clear I am working on a composition video so as to share with you what I know and how you can get your composition right before you even start drawing, as I think that the drawing is essential to any artwork but composition is at its foundation – bad composition = bad artwork.

I tried to keep this piece fairly monochrome but at the same time I have a contrast between yellow oranges and the warm blues happening in it as well.

If you would like to see the full tutorial, do check out my Patreon 🙂