In this video I wanted to experiment a bit and to create a more expressive painting. I am using sandpaper for this tutorial, you can see how to create the underpainting with soft pastels and water in my other videos.

The reference for this tutorial is on my Patreon in free access, so you can download it and draw together with me.

First, I washed the paper with blue-gray soft pastels and water.

Once it dried, I sketched out my orange and started adding color patches. Here, I wanted to create a painterly orange, not a realistic one. It’s very important to pay attention to the colors of light and darks in your artwork, and keep to the temperature-light&shadow rule (if the light is cool – the shadows are warm, and if the light is warm – the shadows are cool).

After I added the values to my orange I blended the layers and in the subsequent layers I kept the texture of the paper (the 800 grit sandpaper has a wonderful texture when a harder pastel is used and a light touch).

And as an experiment, I wanted to create the contrast between lost and found edges and color patches kind of smearing from one area of the painting to the other, once again using the texture of the paper.